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Currently training at Toronto's Pro Actor's Lab and Centre For The Arts.

A dreamer with a big imagination and personality, Nick has always pushed himself to shoot for the stars. He immerses himself in everything he does and has a passionate desire to entertain. He embodies his ambitions, first as a hockey player in his early life (think The Mighty Ducks trilogy,) then as a the Quarterback of his University team (think The Program.) When his athletic career came to an end, he embraced startup culture like the one you'd see in HBO's Silicon Valley. It inspired him to the point of creating his own venture, Engager, which lead him to appearing on Dragon's Den, the first time he appeared in the national spotlight. 


Though he was unsure how to break into acting, film and the art of performing has always been of interest to Nick. He is ecstatic to pursue his career in acting and he goes forward having been influenced and inspired by performances, first and foremost, by Jim Carrey (the most influential being Liar Liar, Dumb And Dumber, and Ace Ventura.) He also feels energized by productions like Mad Men, House Of Cards, The Great Gatsby, and Wedding Crashers. It is Nick's most passionate aspiration to contribute his larger than life charisma to similar productions. 

Contact Me

1 416 569 8720

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